Monday, October 11, 2010

Pike Peak

Thursday morning we split into two groups. The first group went straight through to Junbesi, the rest of us went on a side trip up to Pike Peak.
Leaving Junbesi we climbed steeply on unmarked tracks and found a great belt of cattle ticks and leeches, great fun.  After a bit of excitment that came with removing leeches from places a leech should not be we got into the rhythm of the climb and enjoyed some fantastic views.
Started seeing yaks and knew we were getting higher.
Stayed at Pike Peak (PK) at about 3700m and most of us felt the first effects of altitude sickness with headaches and dicky stomaches.  The rain rolled in and we wondered what views we would get in the morning.
Midnight pee breaks were greeted by a fantastic clear night sky with stars shining above andf lights from houses in the towns below glowing in the distance.  There was also a friendly yak attracted to torch light that caught most of us unaware.
We woke at 0430hrs to a cold windy morning.  It looked like the views would be clagged in as we climbed up to Pike Peak (4065m).  Yak calves hinded our accent but provided good amusement.
As we neared the summit of the peak the clouds cleared and we were treated to incredible views of Everest and other peaks.  The cold and wind were worth it and the climb was well worth the effort.
The trip down was geat and we we treated to more fantastic photo opportunities.  Got our first taste of yak milk tea and watchged yaks getting milked, knew it was fresh.  The benefits of sweating was that yak calves were happy to use your legs as a salt lick.
Ross meet the group at a saddle called Jase Bhanjyang and told us of a shortcut that would take an hour off the time down to Junbesi.  Didn't quite work out that way and after a bit of bush bashing and a 2 1/2 hour detour we arrived at Junbesi with tales of fantastic views, intripid adventures and sore tired legs.  Worth every minute.

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